For Newcomers

If you are new to meditation -- welcome! No prior knowledge or experience are required. We offer meditation instruction on Thursday evenings at 6:20 PM, prior to a period of sitting. If you cannot be there at that time, please make an appointment with the Teacher for another mutually convenient time. It is best to wear loose, comfortable clothing in dark colors, without logos or pictures. Please no shorts or halter tops. Legs and shoulders should be covered.

Middle Way Zen is located within the gates of the Art Object Gallery yard. To access the center, enter the Art Object Gallery through the black gate. As you head toward the rear of the yard, stay to the right, and you will find the entrance to Middle Way Zen in an enclosed region of the yard.

Middleway Zen is located behind a gate which often must be locked. If you find the gate locked, please ring the bell attached to the gate. Someone will come and let you in.